Does Your Excavator Suck Like A Truck?

Let your excavator suck like a vac truck with the tinbin TC2! It rotates to get into those tight spots unreachable to a hydrovac truck and allows you to dump on site. Avoid long wait times of trucks and maximise your machinery utilization with the revolutionary new dry vac excavator attachment


tinbin TC2

• No wasted time
• No environmental fees apply to spoils
• Dry excavation
• Spoils dumped on site
• Low cost solution
• No license needed
• Lower maintenance costs
• Highly adaptable
• Avoid weight limits
• Quiet operation

Hydro Vac Truck

• Time consuming
• Environmental fees apply to spoils
• Needs refilling with water for every load
• Spoils taken off site
• Higher cost solution
• Licence & registration fees
• Higher maintenance costs
• Not very adaptable
• Weight limits apply
• Noisy operation

The tinbin TC2 allows you to excavate quickly, cleanly and precisely. Dry suction excavation means you can dump on site and avoid slurry disposal charges. Air is non-conductive and allows you to stay on site longer, boosting productivity!